Since 2001 UTS has been that perfect jigsaw piece for our clients. We have a long list of satisfied clients whom have rewarded us with many excellent professional referrals.


So what makes UTS different from the other guys?

* Our Expertise is second to none! Our experience in working for clients as large as Boeing, SPEEA and Microsoft, we see how 'the big boys' do it when money and budgets seem endless. However, where we have truly excelled has been in bringing the big-budget big-ideas to our small business owners at a price that they can afford. As a result, what separates us most from our competition is the fruit of our labor - networks that are reliable, not over-built, easy to work on and most importantly, easy to recover if something does go wrong.

* We are your tech advocate! A large part of what we do for our clients really amounts to technology advocacy. So often when a problem occurs, the issue is somewhere between the various vendors - the software guy blames the computers, the computer guy blames the network guy and so on. Our approach is to investigate the issue, get all necessary parties involved, communicate with them tech-to-tech and come up with a solution. That means when a problem occurs, you have one company to call - UTS. No techs pointing fingers at one another - the buck stops here!

* Our Service scope is broader! Nobody in the area offers the full range of services that you will find here. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all of your computer tech needs. Not only do we work with and partner with Microsoft's and Amazon's Cloud solutions (Office365, Hosted Exchange, Azure and AWS), but we also host an impressive in-house platform which allows us degrees of customization that the big guys do not offer.

* Our References in the industry! We have great working relationships with our clients and they reward us with their praise. We would be happy to tour prospective clients through some of the jobsites that we have recently completed and introduce them to some of our long-time customers.

* Our Care for every individual client! We give personal attention to each one of our clients. Unlike other companies that may send any one of a dozen technicians to work on a given problem, we assign a senior tech to every account. You will get to know them, they will get to know you and the result is that they know and care about your systems. As with many things in computing, there is often more than one way to accomplish a goal - some are better than others. At UTS our Technical Director oversees all aspects of operation and sets forth standards upon which our methods are based. As such, your network does not become a soup cooked by a dozen chefs.