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Dental / Medical Office Technology

We at Uptime Technical Solutions have enjoyed working with many dentists around the Puget Sound. Dentist and medical clients are great to work with because they talk to one another, share names and make great referrals! Today Dentist offices, Outpatient Surgery Centers and Clinics make up roughly half of our business. We are intimately familiar with proprietary Practice Management Software titles that are used in the industry, the configuration of digital imaging and the ideal of a paperless office. We can help you implement and maintain any of these digital technologies in a cost-effective, HIPPA compliant and reliable manner. Many of our clients have honored us by leaving an open invitation for us to tour guests through their fully-equipped offices and we love to show off our handy work! We service medical and dental practices from Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Bothell, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Fife, Federal Way and all the way to Tacoma and University Place.

We are well-versed supporting the following industry-specific technologies:

Practice Management Software

- Dentrix ® Henry Schein ®
- EagleSoft ® Patterson Dental ®
- DSN ® Dental-Exec ®
- OpenDental ® GPL Open Source
- OrthoTrac ® CareStream Dental ®
- Genesis ® Genesis Dental Software ®

Imaging and Digital Xray

- ScanX ® Air Techniques ®
- Dexis ® Dexis LLC ®
- PatientGallery & ImageFX ® Raster Builders
- Kodak Imaging ® CareStream Dental ®
- CDR ® Schick ®
- Dentrix Image ® Henry Schein ®
- EagleSoft Image ® Patterson Dental ®

In an effort to bring you the most complete service, we offer a wide array of services that benefit your practice:

A Proper Computer Network

Centered around a Windows Server, your computers will be joined to a common domain that will allow for proper communication and transfer of data to occur in a reliable and secure manner. Security, reliability and functionality rely on a properly built domain.

A Redundant Backup System

Vital to every environment, this system backs up not only the critical databases, but also takes a snapshot of the server - where your domain and security policies reside. Without a complete server snapshot, a hardware crash could mean at least a day or two of downtime as the Windows Operating System has to be reloaded on the server, drivers installed, updates applied, software re-loaded, data re-injected, user accounts re-created, printers re-mapped and workstations re-joined to the domain. With a snapshot backup the restoration process takes only a few hours, as the restored image will put the server back to EXACTLY the same state that it was in at the time the snapshot was taken. Our systems come configured with multiple restoration points allowing you to restore single files that may have gone missing and unnoticed for some time. We also provide the ability to take a backup snapshot off-site to protect your practice in the event of a fire, break-in or earthquake.

Low-Voltage Wiring

We can install various types of wiring to facilitate multiple monitors, computer network wires, telephones, cable TV, intercom, speakers and x-ray triggers.

A Smart Phone System

Phone systems now-days are just simplified computers running a custom-molded versions of Linux. The rest is wiring and configuration. With functionality, the sky is the limit - if you are willing to invest in it, we can build a custom one-off system based on enterprise-level architecture. However, we can also implement creative solutions with off-the-shelf systems made by NEC, Avaya, Cisco, Lucent and others.

Overhead Music

Is surprisingly simple! A bit of wiring, speakers, volume knobs and an amp is all it takes. Connect your source of choice - CD player, IPod, Radio or a music service and it's ready to go!

Media System

Whether in the waiting room to help patients pass the time, in the staff lounge to discuss upcoming cases or in the consultation office, a wall-mounted multimedia system is a great addition to any office! It speaks of high-tech while providing a good medium for communication.

A Reliable Internet Connection

Uptime Technical Solutions is a full-scale ISP. We can supply your office with a DSL connection, develop and host your website as well as route your email.