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Dental Care Seattle contacted UTS in the summer of 2013 to attain an independent 3rd party assessment of their computer network. Over the years, they had worked through the gamut of virtually all other local, dental-focused I.T. companies in our area, but were unable to find the level of service and competency that was required for their highly-technology-dependent practice. Our evaluation found a number of shortcomings and the doctors were keen to have us get a handle of the situation in a manner that did not break the bank.

By September of that year UTS began deploying what was the start of a multi-year phased project to redesign their entire network from the ground up. We began with the "safety net" - a hardware true firewall to protect the network from outside intrusion, an enterprise-grade bare-metal backup and recovery system, and a centrally-managed business class anti-virus solution. These covered the bases as we focused on the next step.

At the end of that first year, we came with a real Windows Server to centrally control the security, group policies and access controls required by HIPAA. Network access speeds and degree of security increased dramatically, while the deployment was completed within a single day and on budget, as planned. To delay a five-figure expense to the practice, we were able to use a symbolic trick to move the then legacy and discontinued DxImage program into a supportable environment. By 2017, the practice was forced to bite the bullet and upgrade to Dexis, but for the interim, our solution allowed them to focus on more important upgrades.

Throughout the years, we saw the practice grow from 18 PCs and 8 OPs to the current 26 PCs and 11 OPs, participated in construction remodel plans, deployment of KAVO Instrumentarium Panoramic Xray, SOTA Claris Intra-Oral Cameras, an Air Techniques ScanX machine and the deployment of a simple (yet powerful) NEC IP-enabled Office Phone System. The office has gone through 4 major Dentrix version upgrades, as well as a major conversion of their developer-abandoned DXImage database to Dexis with minimal downtime.

We are proud to have Dental Care Seattle, Vic Barry, Michael Mulick, and their CPA Keith Clear as maintained and referenceable clients for UTS.

Dental Care Seattle

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