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We have worked with Tyson and UTS since 2009. They have installed a complete computer system, both hardware and software, digital x-ray software, and cameras. They have also done upgrades to all of our systems.

The technicians are very professional and they are only a call away. They make it easy for both myself and staff to get our questions answered and get the help that we need immediately.

-- Sincerely, Ben Greene, DDS.

In 2009 we started working with Ben's practice as a result of a referral from another of our clients - Dr. Bob Gelb. As with all dental clients, the environment called for a reliable, secure and streamlined system; to be built on a smart budget. The office staff were already utilizing Patterson's Eaglesoft practice management software and so the newly-designed server, operatory, and admin PCs were designed to exceed Patterson's hardware recommendations. The deployment was to be a clean sweep - new Server, Switch, all new PCs, and monitors throughout the office.

The deployment included our standard Firewall, Backup System, and Remote Administration package. The system was deployed within two business days, assuring that the interruption to our client's business was minimal. Throughout the system's designed 4-year lifespan, the system was carefully monitored and maintained. Only once did it experienced a work-stopping problem, which was addressed and resolved within 2 business hours without any data loss. At the end of the term, Dr. Greene elected to renew and we did the same thing again, with brand new equipment, new versions of software, etc. They are now on their 3rd generation of UTS systems. The practice is clearly doing well - Ben now has two partners and expanded the size of his office, twice. We would like to think that we contributed our portion to this success and we are happy to have Kirkland Family Dentistry as a referenceable client in our Portfolio.

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