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UTS was referred to our company in 2008 by a trusted accountant who knew we were having many difficulties with our existing IT and POS companies.

Through several very patient consultations, Tyson personally took the time to understand our systems and the related long-term problems we had endured and came up with reasonably priced solutions to all of them.

The team further identified issues we were completely unaware of and several which left us openly vulnerable. Their approach to correcting these issues was one of prioritizing projects and pacing expenses to allow us to comfortably deal with what we considered to be an incredibly challenging fix. Tyson was able to work with our POS Company and even help us build a better relationship with them. As for our previous and uncooperative IT Company, who had been responsible for most of our issues, Tyson was able to work around them in spite of their unwillingness to be part of the solution.

I truly appreciated the way Tyson took the time to work with our existing equipment to the best of his ability. His staff went to great lengths to educate us on how we could produce a more user friendly network, better equipment, proper protection, and better back-up systems. Of course we still have a small glitch from time to time as do all computer systems, but these are minor and usually solved within an hour of contacting UTS for a fraction of what we used to spend to maintain our system.

I would strongly recommend Tyson and UTS to anyone who has ever been frustrated with maintaining a computer network. While Tyson and his team are exceptional computer systems analysts, they are also considered good friends by all the staff at The Parlor.

-- Sincerely, Steven Olson.

Our approach to Parlor's technology needs has been one of reliability and scalability, as the ownership was planning to branch the concept to multiple locations. Utilizing VmWare virtualization technology, we saved the client substantial hardware expenditures by utilizing the same physical server to configure two separate virtual environments. The 'Front-of-House' Point of Sale system is completely separated from the back-end 'Business Administration' network, which provides for a much greater degree of security and simpler compliance with regulatory bodies (PCI) that govern privacy in relation to patron's credit card information and the manner in which this is stored and transmitted.

Additional savings were implemented in the form of Wyse Thin Clients that are configured to access a centrally-managed Microsoft's Windows Remote Desktop Terminal Server. This allows UTS to administrate the client's user environment, software and security in one sheltered virtual server, while saving the expense in procurement and management of costly Workstation PCs. The Thin-Clients are simple, nearly indestructible, and very quick to replace, reducing the need for costly upgrades and maintenance. Additionally, the management staff are able to access the Terminal Server remotely, which allows them to have identical workspace environment regardless of whether they are working from the office, or remotely.

Finally, the implementation of an in-house fully-featured VoIP Telephone System allows Parlor staff the greatest degree of mobility and call tracking possible. With multiple locations, the system is able to seamlessly route calls and mask caller IDs to allow staff to work in unison to handle the call volume. This top-tier system is an invaluable tool in training staff, tracking calls and routing call groups, while enabling staff to work as a team to respond to event scheduling requests.

Parlor Bellevue:

With a steady flow of A-List stand-up comedians and celebrity guests, the Parlor has been a staple of Seattle nightlife since opening to rave reviews from Billiard’s Digest as the “#1 New Pool Hall” in the nation in 2006.

Since then, the Parlor has expanded to become a favorite multi-purpose entertainment stop for neighboring corporations such as Amazon, Boeing, Expedia and Microsoft, who regularly frequent the 20,000 sq-ft venue for private events and product launches.

The Parlor continues to present a unique and upscale experience for their guests by offering a large assortment of nightlife options including billiards, ping pong, national comic headliners, live music, a luxury nightclub, VIP rooms and an extravagant full service restaurant and bar. There is simply no better option for events and entertainment on Seattle's Eastside!